I am Tinotenda Charles Rutanhira and welcome to my personal website.  The circumstances behind my multiple names is a bit complicated, but feel free to ask me if we ever cross paths. I answer to either Tino or Charles, and if you are upset with me or just like the way it rolls off your tongue, Tinotenda will do too.

I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, but spent most of my childhood in Mutare, the jewel of Zimbabwe. I attended Rhodes University in South Africa, and lived in Johannesburg afterward before immigrating to the United States where, this time, another jewel found me … Vermont!

I have worked really hard to be where I am today, and have been rewarded with a promising and successful career, which is important to me. However, I want to create my own meaningful contribution to my community and to the world beyond the work I do in my day job, while also sharing my work and what I believe in, and inspiring anyone who chooses to pay attention in the process. My Christian faith has also played a very pivotal role in my decision to get out of a life of routine and start living with a greater sense of purpose. The “On The Shoulders Of Giants Podcast” is one of the by-products of the recent changes I’ve made in my life. You can learn more about some of the big adventures I’ve decided to embark on, by going to the “No Regrets” section of my site.

Have you ever loved someone so much, you tear up thinking what life would be like without them?  That’s the effect my daughter has on me. I’m a single parent of an 15 year old girl, who is the apple of my eye.  I’ve discovered parenting is a conglomeration of everything I’ve never learned, and it’s gotten a lot harder now that I can no longer say, “I’m telling Santa!”.

I am a strong believer of time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted. When I am idling, you will often find me listening to music or a podcast. Celtics or Lakers, Yanks or Sox, Patriots or Cowboys, who cares? Just give me a competitive game and you have my attention.  However … few things excite me more than playing or watching football (soccer), and most Saturdays I can been seen in my beloved Liverpool FC jersey yelling and screaming at the TV!!!