Vermont Stage’s Production of “The Call”: May, 2017

Outside of acting as the 2nd Wise Man in my kindergarten production of the Nativity Play, I did not have any professional acting experience, and so when a good friend of mine approached me and asked if I would like to audition in a play, my initial reaction was “hell no!”. However, one of my goals in life is to do at least one “crazy” thing a year; one thing that is completely out of my comfort zone … and so I decided to audition and lo and behold, I got the part of Alemu in the play “The Call”.

Below is a brief write up of the plot of the play.

“The Call” by Tanya Barfield
Directed by Cristina Alicea

After struggling to conceive to have a baby in natural and less conventional ways, Annie and Peter decide to adopt, setting their sights on a child from Africa. But, when they receive surprising news from the adoption agency, their marriage is put to the test, secrets of the past are exposed, and this couple approaching midlife is left with an unexpected choice.


The Daily Grind Appearance At The Vermont Comedy Club: January 26, 2017

I got the unique opportunity of being invited as a guest of The Daily Grind Show hosted by The Vermont Comedy Club. In this hilarious show, The Unmentionables, the VT Comedy Club¬†troupe interviews audience members and their invited guest about unusual jobs they’ve held in the past. Then the troupe spins their tales into improvised comedy gold!


This was so much fun and would LOVE to have another opportunity to work with The Unmentionables.

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