On The Shoulders Of Giants Podcast

I have decided to embark on a new and exciting adventure: I have launched my own podcast called “On The Shoulders Of Giants”. Here’s why …

The metaphor of dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants (Latin: nanos gigantum humeris insidentes) expresses the meaning of “discovering truth by building on previous discoveries”. This concept has been traced to the 12th century, attributed to Bernard of Chartres. Its most familiar expression in English is by Isaac Newton in 1676: “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

The premise of the podcast is that at our core, none of us were meant to be common. We have giants living among us who have figured out how to be uncommon and have inspired greatness. My goal is for them to share their story about how they started ‘incredible’ out of nothing, or how they broke the status quo, or faced down adversity, or took the road less traveled. We also discuss how their lives (professional and personal) mix everyday to create lessons and insights for us to follow.

To start, my Podcast guests will be Vermonters, because that is where I live and these are the people that are impacting lives around me, but I hope that, eventually, the podcast guests and their impact will grow beyond the borders of this state.

If you like the Podcast, please do me a favor and subscribe to automatically download future episodes. Also please do me an even bigger favor and leave me comments after every show – it will help me improve. Finally, please write a review in your Podcast player of choice … it will help get the word out, and apparently you are nothing without iTunes reviews (that’s what the experts say).


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