Episode 24: Rick Welch, Executive Director, Teen Challenge Vermont & Connecticut

Reverend Rick Welch is the Executive Director of Teen Challenge Vermont. In this interview, he talks to me about experiencing abuse as a child, a troubled life as a teenager and drug addiction as an adult. Despite 16 treatment programs and 56 detoxes, it was only after getting connected with Teen Challenge that he got freed from 20 years of drug enslavement.

Teen Challenge was founded by David Wilkerson in 1958 as a faith-based, long-term residential treatment center for young men and women caught in the vicious cycle of drug and alcohol dependency. There are now 1,600 Teen Challenge programs in 125 countries, providing 35,000 beds of residential rehabilitation treatment, and 261 of those centers are located in the United States.

Teen Challenge Vermont Website: https://tcvermont.org/

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