Episode 25: Bruce Duncan, Managing Director, Terasem Movement Foundation Inc.

Bruce Duncan is the Managing Director of the Terasem Movement Foundation Inc. The Terasem Movement Foundation is a Vermont-based organization that supports scientific research and development in the areas of cryonics, biotechnology, and cyber consciousness and they are the inventors of Bina48, one of the most advanced social robots in the world. Equipped with artificial intelligence software called a character engine, Bina48 uses artificial intelligence based on human memories, attitudes, beliefs, and mannerisms to interact with people – Bina48 can think, engage, evolve and remember everything!  Is Bina48 the blueprint by which one day our lives can be recreated by digitally uploading, preserving, evoking and reviving human consciousness.

Website: http://www.terasemmovementfoundation.com/

Lifenaut: https://www.lifenaut.com/

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